Southport Lanes Auction starts this week

Officially the end of an era.

As you know, Southport Lanes, the 98-year-old Chicago bowling alley, bar and billiards hall in Lake View, will not reopen after closing last year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’re closed,” a statement reads on the business’ website. “It’s the end of an era. We outlasted Prohibition and the 1918 Spanish flu, but not COVID-19. Southport Lanes poured its last beer on Sunday, September 27, 2020.”

Southport Lanes’ owners plan to liquidate everything inside and outside the building, according to an auction site related to the sale.

Pool tables, cues, bowling lanes, antique manual pinsetters, the actual bar dating back to 1922 and even Southport Lanes’ iconic sign will be sold.

“We are overwhelmed and deeply touched by how many of you came out to pay your respects to Lakeview’s historic 98-year-old bar, bowling alley, and billiards hall,” the owners wrote in a statement. “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your patronage and friendship throughout the decades.”

Bidding on individual items opens at 10 a.m. July 13, according to the auction site.

First named The Nook, Southport Lanes was built by the Schlitz Brewery around 1900, according to its website. The name was changed in 1922 and bowling lanes were added.

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