From WGN, “The Sill in the Southport Corridor will help you find your happy place”

The Sill has been featured on WGN TV this week.

“CHICAGO — The Sill owners say the shop was founded on the simple premise that plants make people happy.

Eliza Blank founded The Sill in 2012. Passionate about plants, she wanted to help demystify them, make them accessible to non-horticulturists and elevate the experience beyond the local garden supply center or big box store.

She started out as an online plant delivery business, delivering the plants herself to valued customers in NYC. Now, the reach has grown to stores in New York City, Los Angeles and right here in Chicago. 

Inside the Sill
The Sill on Roscoe

“Plants create time and space to nurture yourself. If you’re not making time for them, you’re probably not making time for yourself either,” Blank said. 

Blank and The Sill team believe in the philosophy that there’s something in the simple act of being around, and caring for, plants that boost our spirits and enhances our environments.  The Sill believes that every exposure to nature, from gardening to forest bathing, or just sharing a space with organic elements mitigates the stressed-out state people often find themselves in.

The Sill believes in hands-on education by offering up workshops hosted in-store and online. 

The Sill
1351 W. Roscoe 
Chicago, IL 60657″

You can watch the entire interview here.

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