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Coobah closing for good on Sunday, August 17

“This dish has been on the menu for 12 years for a reason.
If you haven’t had it, you must.
If you already have, get it again.
Make your reservations now and stay tuned for details on Coalfire Southport opening up the street his Fall.
– Weekend Brunch
– Free Parking

Thank you customers, staff, family and friends for 12 years of memories.
We look forward to seeing you all at Coobah for a final farewell and hope to see you this Fall at Coalfire!”

Coobah Closing for Good – Owner to focus on Coalfire Pizza

We just received the following message from Jimmy Madla, owner of Coobah that they are closing for good at the end of the summer.  We will miss Coobah terribly, but we are all very excited for Jimmy’s new adventure at Coalfire Pizza.

Coobah Closing for Good – Owner to focus on Coalfire Pizza

We just received the following message from Jimmy Madla, owner of Coobah that they are closing for good at the end of the summer.  We will miss Coobah terribly, but we are all very excited for Jimmy\’s new adventure at Coalfire Pizza.

See the note below…

The end of an era and a bright new beginning.
Dear customers and friends,
As some of you know, our lease is coming to an end and we were negotiating a new lease at a different location in order to reopen in 2015.
After much reflection and soul searching I have decided to close Coobah permanently at the end of the Summer and cancel any immediate plans for relocation.
There are a few factors that lead to this decision, but the main reason is that I have partnered with the team behind Coalfire pizza and we are opening a second, larger location just up the street at 3707 N Southport.
I need to focus all my efforts on this new project and as much as I would like, I simply do not have the time or resources to take on a relocation of our beloved Coobah.
I’m so proud of what will end up being Coobah’s nearly 12 year run on Southport.  A long stretch in this industry, and I owe it all to our wonderful customers and loyal staff.  Thank you!
Speaking of loyal staff, you will see many of the same smiling faces at Coalfire, as most of Coobah’s staff will be transitioning with me.  I am overjoyed to keep the Coobah family intact and continue our legacy of excellent food and service alive at Coalfire.
But until that happens, this is the time to celebrate a long, wonderful run and bid Coobah a fond farewell.  
Our level of service and quality of food has never been better.
We will be most likely closing at the end of August so I invite you to come in and make sure Coobah does not go gently into that good night.
We’re planning some special events for customers to help us celebrate and reminisce about the many good times and great meals shared at Coobah.  
Stay tuned for details.
Former employees, come in and enjoy 15% off your entire table’s check as a thank you for making Coobah such a success.
My staff and I look forward to seeing many of you come through the door in these next two months to help us send this old girl off in style.
I will be forever grateful to my family, customers and staff, whose support, loyalty and love through the years have made all of this possible.
My sincerest gratitude,
Jimmy Madla
Coobah Restaurant

Coobah Staying around the Southport Corridor Area

Word from Coobah today on Twitter is that they are planning to stay around the Southport area after their lease expires in 2014.  Great news!

Southport Throwback to 2007 – Wow has the ‘Port Changed

Did you wait in line for the original iPhone in the summer of 2007?  This is what Southport looked like back then.  Go back in time with us via Google Street View to 2007 and see how the street has changed tremendously.

T.G. Nails and Vintage Ballot (Empty in 2014)

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A springtime look of Chicago’s Southport Corridor

A springtime tour of Chicago’s Southport Corridor.

Spring 2013 on the Southport Corridor

A gallery of the ‘Port during the springtime.  Click past the break to see more!

Southport Corridor Chicago
Southport Corridor Chicago

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Show your support for Coobah on Southport

Coobah’s lease ends late 2014 – let them know you would like them to stay on Southport on their Facebook Page. 
Southport Corridor Chicago Coobah

A Tour of Chicago’s Southport Corridor

Take a tour with us!  Click through the jump to see why we think Southport is the best local street in Chicago.  What do you love about the Southport Corridor?
Athleta Southport Corridor
Blue Mercury and Perchance Southport Corridor
Perchance and Blue Mercury
Uncle Dan\'s and Wheel House Wrigley Southport Corridor
Uncle Dan’s and Wheel House Wrigley
Lululemon  Southport Corridor
Rise Sushi Southport Corridor
Rise Sushi
Noodles and Company, Coobah, Candyality Southport Corridor
Noodles and Company, Coobah, Candyality
Schoolyard Tavern and Princess Club Southport Corridor
Schoolyard Tavern and Princess Club
Mystic Celt Southport Corridor
Mystic Celt
Krista K and That\'s Amore Florist Southport Corridor
Krista K and That’s Amore Florist
Blue Mercury Southport
Blue Mercury
Southport Lanes
Southport Lanes
Southport CTA
Southport CTA
Anthropologie Southport
Southport Grocery and Cafe
Southport Grocery and Cafe
D\'Agostino\'s and Julius Meinl Southport
D’Agostino’s and Julius Meinl
b. rose salon Southport
b. rose salon
Justin\'s Southport Corridor
Custom Eyes and Francesca\'s Southport Corridor
Custom Eyes and Francescafree’s
Free People Southport
Free People Southport
Southport CTA Entrance
Southport CTA Entrance
Paper Source Southport
Paper Source Southport
She One Boutique
She One Boutique
Princess Club Southport Corridor
Princess Club
Indira Salon
Indira Salon
Lululemon Southport
M2 and M4M, State Street
M2 and M4M, State Street
Cerato Boutique, Crosby\'s Kitchen
Cerato Boutique, Crosby’s Kitchen
Anthropologie Southport
David\'s Tea Southport
David’s Tea Southport

L3 considering merging or demolishing Candyality and Coobah

L3 is considering tearing down the old Candyality space along with Coobah to make room for a large retail complex similar to the one next door that houses Noodles and Company, Southport Fitness and Athleta.  Lake View Patch has the full story here.  
Southport Corridor Chicago

What would you like to see take over Candyality’s space?

With the news this past week that Candyality is moving down and splitting space with Tru Value, what do you think will happen with this space?  Tear down?  Gut?  What would you like to see go in?
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