Southport’s Taco Fest 2015 Details

Southport’s successful Taco Fest is back for 2015, and this year, it will be on Saturday and Sunday, September 19-20, from noon until 10pm (and yes, the Mexican wrestlers will be back)!

“Chicago’s hottest new festival (trust us!) is back for its third year. The glorious taco will again get the spotlight it has long deserved when the tortilla-wrapped fave is celebrated at this food and music festival that also kicks off the first official weekend of autumn.

Whether one prefers theirs with a hard or soft shell and filled with a meat, chicken, guacamole, fish or other imaginative ingredients, this September happening in the bustling Southport Corridor is a mega-hot addition to the Windy City’s food fest scene.

There will also be special beer and taco pairings, crowd-pleasing Mexican wrestlers, and visitors will be able to text-to-vote for Chicago’s “Best Taco.”

See photos from the past Taco Fests here:

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