Soli Grill is now NOT coming to Southport Avenue

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New restaurant alert: Soli Grill coming to Southport Avenue

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Touring Chicago’s Southport Corridor – Addison to Grace Street

A tour around Lakeview’s Southport Corridor neighborhood in Chicago during the Early Fall of 2021

Tour Time! Shopping, eating and playing between Addison and Grace Streets along Southport Avenue during the early Fall of 2021.

Grassroots Eatery is now closed

New Year’s Eve 2019 was Grassroots Grill’s last night at 3747 N. Southport Avenue. The restaurant’s management sent out an email on Sunday stating that New Year’s Eve’s will be the spot’s last service. Grassroots opened with a farm-to-table focus in 2015. The restaurant has been for sale since the summer.

Spring 2019 on Chicago’s Southport Corridor

We had an endless winter and cold, dreary spring, but the sun is finally shining and the Southport Corridor is getting ready for Summer. Here’s a tour around the ‘Port during the Spring of 2019.

Lush, Warby Parker, Bonobos

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Fall 2016 on Chicago’s Southport Corridor

A great fall day on Chicago’s Southport Corridor made for perfect pictures around The ‘Port.

Indira, Coda Di Volpe, Southport Lanes

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Say Goodbye to Deleece and Hello to Grassroots

Deleece will be closing after 20 years on Southport and re-concepted into a casual, family-friendly farm to table restaurant in early 2016 call Grassroots.
Goodbye, Deleece. The restaurant will morph into a new concept in January.

After 20 years in business, Deleece Restaurant (3747 N. Southport Ave.) will morph into a casual restaurant called Grassroots in early January, with a focus on family-friendly dining and food sourced from local farmers. And there will be pizza, too.

Why the change?

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