Southport Corridor Changes into 2018

Whether you are new to the area or a long-time resident, one thing is for certain: nothing is permanent except change. So if you can’t keep up with all of the changes happening to Chicago’s Southport Corridor, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.
Here is a summary of what to expect into 2018:
  1. Kai Sushi is coming to 3819 N. Southport
  2. Digits Nail Salon has closed, new nail salon coming in
  3. Capital One Cafe is now open
  4. Ivivva by Lululemon is closed. Space currently for lease
  5. Rise Sushi and Galleria Liquors will be replaced by this Transit Oriented Development (TOD), Chase Bank and Chipotle could be possible tenants
  6. Taco Bell and an auto body shop on Addison by Wrigley Field will be replaced by new developments
  7. 1035 W. Addison to be redeveloped
  8. The former Blue Bayou space is for lease
  9. Tied House is coming to the former Harmony Grill location
  10. Paperchase is coming to Southport Avenue
  11. Leahy and Ladue is closed, 312 Real Estate Office is now open
  12. Venus Restaurant is coming from The Mercury Theater in Cullen\s former space
  13. Mint Julep is now closed, national retail coming in
  14. A new mixed-use TOD development is under under construction at 3334 N. Southport Avenue
  15. Basics Salon at 3542 N. Southport is currently for lease or for redevelopment in 2019-2020
  16. Target has opened in the former Whole Foods space on Ashland
  17. Large-scale mixed-use development coming to 1356 W. Wellington Avenue with an American Mattress store (stalled)
  18. Addison & Clark development is underway; Shake Shack, Cinemex Movie Theater, Harley Davidson and Lucky Strike will be anchor tenants
  19. Hotel Zachery with Big Star Chicago, McDonald’s and several other restaurants coming to Wrigleyville
  20. Cafe Tola is expanding into the Sweet Sensations former space
  21. Bow Truss Coffee Roasters was coming to Southport & Belmont (But who knows what will happen now)
  22. F.I.S.H. Poke Bar, Milk Money, Blue Crown Wings, Mac Royale and Melt 35 delivery/pickup only kitchen have all closed at 3208-10 N. Southport, space for lease
  23. FlatTop Grill former space is for lease

Online Southport Corridor Pickup/Delivery-Only Restaurants are closed, space for lease

The delivery only restaurants at 3208-10 N. Southport appear to have closed their doors for the summer, and may possibly reopen in October per a company representative (although the entire space is now cleared out and for lease).  
Earlier in January, F.I.S.H Poke Bar started taking delivery orders and expanded with Milk MoneyBlue Crown WingsMac Royale and Melt 350.  All menu items were available online via Doordash, Grubhub, Uber Eats and Postmates,


Did you ever try them out?

Authentic Food & Juice and Butcher Block Restaurants Join the Southport Corridor

In addition to F.I.S.H Poke Bar,  Milk MoneyBlue Crown WingsMac Royale and Melt 350, two new restaurants have joined the Southport Corridor at 3208 N. Southport Avenue.
AUTHENTIC Food & Juiceis now available for pick up and delivery via Grubhub. “Authentic Food & Juice makes sustainably sourced healthy & delicious artisan Sandwiches, Salads & Smoothies.” See the menu here.

Butcher Block is now available for pick up or delivery via Grubhub. “At Butcher Block we set out to make serious sandwiches and serve just the best damn food in NYC, Brooklyn and now Chicago.” See the menu here.

New Southport Corridor Pickup/Delivery-Only Restaurants are Now Open

The former Burger Boss at 3208-10 N. Southport has been turned over to a full-time delivery/pickup only kitchen.

Earlier in January, F.I.S.H Poke Bar started taking delivery orders and now, the kitchen has expanded with Milk Money, Blue Crown Wings, Mac Royale and Melt 350.  All menu items can be ordered online via Doordash, Grubhub, Uber Eats and Postmates.

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