A Very Southport Corridor Christmas

It’s that time of year to dust off the ladders –  and hang the lights! A very Southport Corridor Christmas around the neighborhood this year. It’s great to see – especially after a long 20 months of the pandemic.


Shopping small on Southport Avenue

The news of Abercrombie & Fitch has been one of the biggest commenting events on our social media platforms, and one of the highest views on the blog. However, many of you have commented about chain stores taking over and that you would rather shop small. Here’s some of the favorite small businesses on Southport Avenue in Chicago. Which one is your favorite(s)?

AuraCandleBar coming to 3338 N. Southport Avenue

An update from our January post, AuraCandleBar is coming to 3338 N. Southport Avenue, former space of The Homeland Group real estate office.

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Retail Rumors: Aura Candle Bar Coming to 3338 N. Southport

A website, Facebook page and Instagram page has been set up for Aura Candle Bar at 3338 N. Southport, former home of The Homestead Group. Information is also listed on the Chamber of Commerce website as well. More to come soon.

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